Cozy wool blend Tempest Beanie Slouchy with big pompom and ceramic button


The Creekside Frilly


Emerald Sparkle Dragonfly Slouchy Beanie with dragon button


Super Colourful Tempest Beanie Slouchy


Colourful Ripple Creek Toque (Beanie) with fluffy white pom pom


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Vixen Vibe Handcrafted

Welcome to Vixen Vibe Handcrafted! I love hats and I have realized that I love MAKING hats too, especially with a bit of vintage flair! This is a new venture and new page in my book of life. I appreciate your support while I create content and add new handcrafted works. Watch for new items as I move beyond crochet into knitting, felting, and even sewing! Embrace your Vixen!