The Creekside Frilly

$35.00 CAD


Product Description

The Creekside Frilly. Ripples, stones, swirls, wildflowers, and beautiful blues.

Craft: Crochet
Colour: Seaglass
Fibre: 100% acrylic
Embellishments: crocheted flowers with buttons

The Creekside Frilly The Creekside Frilly

Vixen Vibe Handcrafted

Welcome to Vixen Vibe Handcrafted! I love hats and I have realized that I love MAKING hats too, especially with a bit of vintage flair! This is a new venture and new page in my book of life. I appreciate your support while I create content and add new handcrafted works. Watch for new items as I move beyond crochet into knitting, felting, and even sewing! Embrace your Vixen!